Barbara Hoogeweegen is a Dutch painter living in London. She trained in France and England, graduating with a Masters in Fine Art from City and Guild School of Fine Art, London.

Hoogeweegen works in oil on canvas, board and aluminium. She uses the figure and landscape to communicate themes around the human psyche, the uncanny, identity, nostalgia and solitude. She works from her own photographs, film stills as well as found images, and so engages with the slippage between the felt and photographic.

Hoogeweegen is the Co-founder and curator of The Anteroom, an alternative exhibition space.

Artist Statement

I plan the painting before I start and then allow the process to work its magic; in the words of Barbara Bolt:

‘In the creative act, the painter no longer sets the world before her as an object, but allows a total openness to the being of art….at some undefinable moment, the painting takes on its own life…’

The pleasure comes from knowing that the outcome of each work is unknowable and never quite what I intended at the outset. The act of painting is as intense and exciting as a rollercoaster ride, 100 percent focused, no distractions and nerve racking; one thoughtless mark can destroy an entire image.

I have two main considerations: to communicate an emotion particular to the theme of the work and delicately, with intense focus, to create a symphony of colours balanced carefully against each other. The colours and style of mark making are chosen to support and help communicate the particular message of each painting.

Hoogeweegen’s work is in the collection of Johnnie Boden, Andrew Robson OBE, George Osborne, international authors Andrew Solomon, James Wood, Claire Messud, Sue Prideaux and Clare Clark.


Barbara Hoogeweegen talks about the explicit and implicit meaning to be found in our choice of facial expressions – a thought that lies at the heart of her painting – and reveals the inspiration for ‘Inevitable’, her recent series of paintings.

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